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We always dreamed of a perfect wedding, we want it to be the “BEST DAY” of our lives, like the Fairy tales story we read and watched when we’re still young, but how can you achieve your dream wedding during this time of pandemic? Based on my experience it’s very hard to plan and prepareContinue reading “WEDDING PLAN”


TIPS AND TRICKS FOR ALL BRIDES AND GROOM CHOOSING YOUR BRIDAL TRAIN He’s popped the question and now it’s your turn but how do you decide who will be on your bridal train? This age-old debate can cause offense and rifts between families and friends so it is a delicate line to tread but youContinue reading “ON YOUR WEDDING DAY”

Going green on your wedding (and no, it’s not about the color)!

A lot of people pull out all the stops for their dream weddings. Lavish decorations, intricate invitations, you name it! But sometimes a wedding can generate a lot of waste. Have you ever attended a wedding and wondered what will happen to all those decorations? These days, being eco-friendly is the way to go! ContinueContinue reading “Going green on your wedding (and no, it’s not about the color)!”


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